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25-year-old saxophonist Kyle Schroeder celebrates his sophomore release, the Remembrance EP!


This album is highly personal to Kyle as it highlights the compositions he wrote while his father Shawn Schroeder was battling cancer. Kyle believes these songs are the most important recordings he has ever made, given how the message can impact the lives of others in Tampa Bay and around the world.


The musical masterpiece includes his songs "Keemo" (The struggle of chemotherapy and radiation), "Remembrance" (Honoring a life well-lived, yet cut short), and "It'll Be Alright" (Reconstructing hope for the future). The album also features some of the biggest names in instrumental music, including Alex Acuña, the drummer from the band Weather Report and Lenny Castro, percussionist from Toto. The recording also features LIVE strings recorded in Nashville, arranged by master arranger Gary Lindsay.


In addition, the physical copy includes art by the amazing photographer Jeremiah Khokhar and graphic artist Trevis Bailey. You will not be dissipointed when you hold this emotionally heavy project in your hand!


The power of music is an expression Kyle believes can help others through difficult times. He plans to bring everyone in the room into a shared emotional experience of pain, loss, love, and hope!


Kyle is so passionate about this project that he wants to donate 20% of the profits from the show and 20% of the proceeds from physical CD sales through December 2nd to a Tampa Bay family dealing with cancer. Kyle plans to write the selected family the check during the month of December to give them a financial boost during the difficult holiday season.


Thanks for not only supporting Kyle, but for supporting something even BIGGER than this hand-crafted physical CD!

Remembrance EP - Physical CD

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